Monday, March 9, 2015

CSA Farm Profile: Singing Frogs Farm

Located just northwest of downtown Sebastopol, Singing Frogs Farm is no stranger to the community. This multi award-winning farm is a leader in sustainable, ecologically friendly (and certified bee friendly) farming. Singing Frogs Farm is not only free of conventional, but also organic pesticides, practicing what is often termed “Beyond Organic.” Singing Frogs Farm proudly exceeds all organic standards. They prefer to “encourage the presence of Mother Nature,” providing all natural, spray-free produce. Singing Frogs Farm uses a “no-till” system of soil management, which owners Elizabeth and Paul Kaiser suggest, “boosts productivity and profits, and dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions.” This nine-acre farm grows over 100 varieties of vegetables and many fruits, berries, herbs, flowers, and also eggs.
Singing Frogs Farm is a dedicated supporter of CAFF’s work. We also welcome farm owner, Paul Kaiser, who recently joined CAFF as a board member! Singing Frogs Farm has recently sponsored two North Coast schools to participate in CAFF’s Harvest of the Month (HOTM) program for March-May 2015.
In addition, Singing Frogs Farm hosts several events ranging from farm tours to Easter egg hunts, and also provides year-round CSA membership. Click here to learn more about the program and join, so you can support Singing Frogs Farm and enjoy nutrient dense, locally grown produce.

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