Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another great dinner and discussion of all things CSA!

We had a full house in the 18 Reasons kitchen last Tuesday! People crowded in to share a meal prepared from the contents of an Eatwell CSA box and to hear Lorraine speak about the farm. Check out the pictures, and look out for the next class sometime in the Summer! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

CSA Farm Profile: Full Belly Farm

Full Belly Farm is a 350-acre farm in Guinda, supplying more than 1,100 members with weekly CSA boxes. Full Belly has been certified organic since 1985. The farm’s mission statement to create an “ecological sanctuary” is demonstrated through their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. In 2014, Full Belly was honored with the LeopoldConservation Award for their achievements as exemplary land stewards.

The farm’s CSA program was started in 1992, and runs from January to November. It is a single-farm CSA, ensuring consumers that all of the fruit, nuts, produce, and flowers found in the weekly shares are grown at Full Belly. A timeline of what crops the farm grows each season is available here.

More than 60 people are employed at Full Belly, including a rotating crew of about five full-time interns. The year-long internship (minimum) is world renowned, providing future farmers with training in harvesting, cultivating, washing, packing, and marketing produce. Interns also cook and share meals together.  A list of farm dinners, tours, and other community events is available here

Full Belly has been a member of CAFF since 1993. For more than two decades CAFF and Full Belly have partnered to promote sustainable agriculture and provide healthy food for our community. Farm co-founder, Judith Redmond, serves on the policy committee of the CAFF board, where she works on matters concerning food safety and direct market policy. More than half of CAFF’s board members are family farmers, ensuring that a farmer’s perspective is present in all facets of our work. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Farm Commons Webinars

Going In-Depth With CSA Farm Law

Broadcast date: Tuesday, February, 24 2015, 12:00 pm CST
In this webinar, farmers will get in-depth tools to move forward on managing sales, drop-site, volunteer, and worker share matters. We’ll also discuss some of the more unique CSA programs like farmers’ market pre-pay programs and multi-farm cooperative CSAs. Farmers who’ve already attended one of Farm Commons’ basic CSA law programs will get a lot out of this advanced session.

Also, see the archived webinar: 

Put Your CSA On Strong Legal Footing

Broadcast date: Tuesday, December, 9 2014, 11:00 am CST
CSA is an incredibly unique relationship between farmer and customer. But, this means it also has unique legal dynamics. CSA farmers who critically analyze their membership agreement, drop sites, and farm event programs beforehand set themselves up for success. Learn how an attorney sees CSA and what you can do to protect your farm. This webinar will also discuss risks with farm volunteer programs and buying the right insurance.

Thursday, February 5, 2015