Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Recent CA State Legislation

Great news! Two recent bills that CAFF supports have passed and were signed into law by the Governor this Fall! The passing of AB 1990 concerning Urban Gardens and AB 1871 about Farmers Markets is a great success for our local food movement in California. Read more about theses bills and other farm related policy here: http://caff.org/programs/policy/ca-state-legislation/

Monday, October 13, 2014

Eat Your Carhartts Out!

Eat Your Carhartts Out:
Life as a Young Bay Area Farmer
Wednesday, November 5th
Starting a farm takes guts. And land, dirt, seeds, compost, water, sun, tractors, markets, and..... cute chicks!
Join 18 Reasons and Say Hay Farms for dinner and a discussion of life as a young farmer in the Bay Area. Chef Michelle McKenzie has worked with farmer Chris Hay to design a menu featuring seasonal produce and fresh eggs. The Say Hay Farm crew will be on hand to share their stories while we dine together. 

Space is limited, so reserve your tickets here!

Radicchio, shaved kohlrabi, sheep's milk cheese, toasted walnuts  
Roasted autumn squash, Basmati rice, fresh cayenne, alliums, mint
Flan with muscovado sugar and Say Hay's pastured eggs
(All served with local bread and Vella butter)  

Monday, October 6, 2014