Monday, December 8, 2014

CSA Farm Profile: Riverdog Farm

Riverdog Farm
Guinda, CA

The “rule of threes” states that things that come in threes are inherently more satisfying or more effective. That rule holds true when it comes to Capay Valley CSA farms!  Fully Belly Farm, Good Humus Produce, and Riverdog Farm are just around the corner from each other and promote similar bio-diversity and sustainable farming practices. It’s no wonder they have so much in common; the founders of Full Belly and Good Humus played a key role in mentoring Trini Campbell and Paul Mueller of Riverdog Farm in Guinda, CA.

Riverdog is a certified organic mixed vegetable farm with pastured pigs and chickens. The farm also offers organic melons, walnuts, and almonds. Growing from 2 acres in 1990 to the 500 hundred-acre operation it is today, took great skill as well as support from the community. Each week hundreds of loyal customers pick up their CSA share, from Sacramento to San Francisco.  Learn more about Riverdog’s CSA program here.

When asked about her inspiration to start farming, Trini listed the usual motivations, such as working outside and growing healthy food for the community. But Trini mentioned another important factor in her choice to start a farm; providing a healthy, pesticide-free, environment for farm workers.

Loyal members like Riverdog Farm allow CAFF to continue advocating for small-scale farmers and sustainable agriculture.

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